We are Miranda Marketing Labs
Thoughts Become Things. Think Big.

life's not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it's about doing, being and becoming. it's about the choices you've just made, and the ones you're about to make, it's about the things you choose to say - today.

it's about what you're gonna do after you finish reading this.

Well the same goes for your business. You can’t set up a company and sit around waiting for it to grow and succeed. You have to take the necessary steps to send people rushing to your storefront or website. You have to be constantly updating, improving, writing, blogging, posting, and promoting. Did you just think to yourself, “Man, I don’t have time for that, I’ve got a business to run.” Well, that’s where Miranda Marketing Labs comes in.

We have a fully staffed office of eager people ready to help you grow. We are fully aware of your passion and love for your company and what you do because, well, we feel the same way for ours. All those promotional tasks and chores that you find tedious and time consuming, those are what we CHOSE to do as our jobs, and we are loving every second of it. We love helping companies grow and being there every step of the way. So go on, let us help you. You’ll be surprised and what a difference we can make.

We are Miranda Marketing Labs

We uncover the science beneath marketing for SOLO AND SMALL COMPANIES WITH BIG IDEAS!

While you are promoting and marketing your company, you should never forget that your message should be about your customer and not about you. The biggest mistake that companies make is communicating information about “what we do” instead of “what we do for you”. Your customers want to hear how you are able to benefit them and not what you gain our of the company-customer relationship.

We Are Casually Professional
San Luis Obispo Based

Located in what is designated the nation’s “happiest” city, we are a happy bunch. Just don’t underestimate our work ethic! We get our work done, and we’re great at it.

Full Marketing and Media Services
Covering All of the Bases

Marketing is a science. It’s a system. It’s creative placement and strategy. It’s a little bit of everything. Scratch that, it’s a LOT of everything. We do it all and more.

Available When You Need Us

8-5?! What is that? Lots of days we are working day and night before and after hours in order to keep your business growing. We are working nonstop and are easy to get ahold of.

Web Design and Management
We Are Constantly Improving

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Build it and they will come…” YEAH RIGHT. At Miranda Marketing Labs we build it for you and a whole lotta work on “it” after that.

…and yet MORE
cool things we do
to get you going…

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Miranda Marketing Labs

Our Small Team with Big Ideas

Miranda Marketing Labs consists of interdisciplinary teams with BIG IDEAS. We begin the process of branding, designing and promoting from day ONE. As you may notice, there are only just a few of us, but we guarantee that we get larger amounts of work done FASTER and BETTER than one of those huge corporate places. Since there is a small amount of us, we are able to fluently work together to help your business grow. Plus we are easier for you to communicate and work with because we listen to what you have to say.

  • Celeste

CEO and Founder

As our CEO and fearless leader, Celeste’s goal is to empower businesses to grow and succeed through digital marketing strategies.

  • Jessica

Project Manager

Jessica organizes all of our tours. She is amazingly awesome and organized all our events

  • Dan

East Coast Launch Master

We’ve knows Dan for awhile and he is an amazing strategist. He reps us on the east coast… NYC to be exact!

  • Maribel

social media development specialist

Maribel increases Facebook numbers on social media. She does that while watching TMZ and doing Zumba all at the same time.

  • Jennifer

Social Media Manager

Jennifer is a Social Media Manager. We give her all the hard accounts. She secretly loves it.

  • Hannah

Social Media Specialist

Hannah is the latest addition to our social media management team. She is a city girl at heart always on the go while doing amazing research for her batch of clients!

  • Bryan

Social Media Manager

B-Lion is the bomb. Hailing from SLO, he is a local boy with native vibes. Fab at social media, too. =)

  • Gina

Social Media Manager

Gina Bee is an amazingly creative out-of-the-box thinker when it comes to social media. She beeeeee cool!

  • Andrew


Andrew is the latest addition to our Social Media team. He’s a cool dude who dablles in Video as well!

  • Aamir

Lead Web Developer

Aamir designs, manages and develops all client websites.

  • Vikas

SEO Specialist

Vikas is our SEO god. He helps our clients rise to the top of Google and be seen.

  • Jocelle

Graphic Artist

Jocelle, aka “Chubbs” is a diamond in the rough. She is one helluva designer!

  • Tudor

Graphic Artist

Tudor is one of our creative creatives! He’s young, hip, cool, fun and ooooohhhhh so good looking!!! Oh, yeah, he’s a really good designer, too.

  • Jerico

Graphic Artist

Jerico creates awesome graphics and promotional images for our clients.

  • Gaddi

Mailchimp Specialist

Gaddi is our sexy Venezuelan Mailchimp guy. He creates all of our email campaigns. Super talented and knows the mail monkey like the back of his hand!

  • Arif


Arif is all things video. He loves video. No, he really loooooooooves it. Like kinda in a weird way.

  • Cara

Content Writer

Cara is an AAAAAmazing content writer that we are honored to have on our team. She’s super cool!

  • Rob

Press Release and Content Writer

Celeste has said that Rob is one of the best writers she has ever seen. Aaaaaand… she’s not easy to please!

  • Germar

Audio Engineer

Germar is our Hollywood man… he makes TCML Radio get turnt up. Oh, and he went to law school.

  • Ray


Ray is our resident money guy… he’s legit. Has an MBA and everythaaaaang!.

  • Shiro

Web Developer Support

Shiro adds to the existing talent on our web design team!

We’re Creative
Sleep Not Needed (sometimes)

There are seven different days in a week and “someday” is NOT one of them. At Miranda Marketing Labs, we are doers and action takers. We make big things happen, no matter the scale of your business. No grass grows under our feet. We are marketing enthusiasts who will collaborate with you to create a great big noticeable difference in your business results. It’s all about online perception. Do you consider yourself a fun professional, risk-taking entrepreneur? If so, perfect! Old stuffy companies with slotted procedures and manuals are better served elsewhere. Today is about the here and the now.

We will meet you there. Hell, we’ll TAKE you there.

In order for your business to have successful sales and grow its client base, you need a successful marketing strategy, that’s where we come in. We’ve been in the game for a while and have proven our methods successful. In order for your marketing strategy to be successful, you need to hit all the bases. Miranda Marketing Labs does this for you by doing everything from website design, to customer outreach, to letting the press know your company’s latest news, and much more. Within whatever industry your company may fall within, it is vital to do whatever you can to stand out amongst your competitors. At Miranda Marketing Labs, our responsibility is to make sure that you do, and we won’t let you down.

Check out this video about our video technologies.








Leeessss gooooo

Most people classify words and interactions in one of two categories: positive or negative. But the truth is everything is neutral until we decide to label it based on our previous experiences — either in life or with that particular person.

Celeste Miranda

What we do

We Do With Intensity

Miranda Markeing Labs is a highly trained and skilled professional service with a creative touch.

Web Design and Management
You Can't Just Build It and Forget About It

This “build it and they will come” mentality is BS. “They” gotta SEE it. We also do crazy coding stuff… we are so not cookie-cutter. Tell us what you need done. We’ve got you covered.

Having Fun
Office Surfing (with chairs!)

What can we say? Our office is at the beach. We are waiting for the “big one”.

Branding and Social Media
Making a New You

You are you and no one is like you. The key is how you make yourself appear different and sticking to it.

Press Releases and Media
People WILL Write About You

We will write about you, put it on your blog, and send your news to the press, which in turn will make “them” write about you.

Social Video
Google Owns Youtube

Developing a YouTube strategy is similar to developing any marketing strategy. You need to focus on your customer (audience, your message, your products/services/brand, and the other elements of your marketing mix. Videos are important when used in the RIGHT way. We know the RIGHT way. Oh and we have a great camera.

Creative Content
Your Audience Is Out There...Let’s Get Their Attention

For your business to succeed, you need lively eye-catching content that will inspire, motivate, and incite readers to take action. That is where we come in. We’ll get you noticed.

Check Out Our Lab Lessons VLOG… and learn tips and tricks behind some of the things we do!

Take a Look at Some of Our Work

wide range of successfull digital and print projects.

Press releases
Web design
  • BC HP4S flare black without logo and txt
  • catarina-benitez-law-office-logo-2
  • port2
  • HP4S-LED-Grow-Lights-Indoor-Gardening-Hydroponics-Greenhouse-Horticulture
  • Justin-Wellington-Pacific-Island-Music-Artist
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Tracey Tipton- Owner Majestic Properties

Celeste and her team have done an amazing job getting more exposure out in the public, on the radio as well as the social media side of it. She goes above and beyond to get the job done. We would highly recommend her to anyone.

Tracey Tipton- Owner Majestic Properties

Jeff Batchman - Owner Exeter Engineering

I’ve been working with Celeste and Miranda Marketing Labs for a few years now. We started based off a referral. Her work is outstanding. She is smart and creative and handpicks the resources to assist her. She takes suggestions and directions and builds on them. She creates ideas with out of the box thinking. She has no limits. It’s truly fun to work with her!

Jeff Batchman - Owner Exeter Engineering

John Klena - Founder AltaLED and HP4S

Celeste has been great to work with. She has really been instrumental in the launch of our product and getting it out there. She is a hard worker, always contributing to the cause.

John Klena - Founder AltaLED and HP4S

Stephen Labiak - Labiak Law Firm

I believe I was Celeste’s very first client with her marketing firm. Over the last couple of years I have become to know Celeste quite well. She is very good at social media, PR and all marketing aspects. She takes a look at all the marketing and advertising opportunities which come my way and recommends the best ones to me, usually having negotiated a lower price. Celeste works hard, follows through and definitely has increased my exposure and therefore business for my law firm.

Stephen Labiak - Labiak Law Firm

Kim - KUSH Research

I know. I love working with you guys and you always have a reference with me if you ever need it. I will get you engaged on our next project for sure! Thanks so much, Kim KUSH Research.

Kim - KUSH Research

World Brands Are Some Of
Our Satisfied Clients

Digital agency that loves designing great websites.

Labiak Law

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