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  • miranda marketing labs uncovers the science beneath marketing for SOLO AND SMALL COMPANIES WITH BIG IDEAS...

  • we just thought this picture was funny...

  • entrepreneurs are often in a difficult position... a "catch twenty two"... to make money you need to market but to market you need money. the chicken or the egg thing. we will save you. we ARE the chicken in the egg.

thoughts become things. think big.

life's not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it's about doing, being and becoming. it's about the choices you've just made, and the ones you're about to make, it's about the things you choose to say - today.

it's about what you're gonna do after you finish reading this.

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social media

what was that?! small businesses don't need social media? boy, do we have something to show you. lots of people can do it... it's about how good you are at it. in this instance, it's all about what you have to say. at mml HQ we are content management kings... and queens. it's about consistency. it's about strategy to gather peeps who want to hear what you have to say. it's about when someone needs your service or product, they THINK of YOU.

video/podcast production

google owns youtube. the best way to get to the top of google? videos. yep. we do video podcasts, commercials, information vids and more. oh, and some photography if you need it too.

public relations

press releases are still alive... they are just written a bit differently for cross pollination with social media. we endure that our releases get full engagement. charity events. we'll make you look good while being a do-gooder. it's all about this cool mix of things we do. we have the formula just right for your small but significant business. over at mml HQ, we've got this down. we will impress.


what is seo, anyway? search engine optimization. ok, so what is that? well, it is a process (we emphasize PROCESS) of coding and posting and back linking to get your site to show up on the first pages of an organic search. what's an organic search? when you just type what you are looking for into google or any other search engine.

website design

this is where it all begins. where adam meets eve. where the rubber hits the road. a lot of peeps out there can do websites. but we use the best of what word press has to offer. no wix, no templates. we CREATE, yet we do so you can update. create/update... that rhymes. so, yeah, it starts at the website. if that is not impressive or engaging, you're dead in the water. lights out. so, we make sure you are all oxygenated right out the gate.

graphic design

we design stuff. cool, modern stuff. we are more into the simple, minimalistic look, but we do whatever may float your boat.

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